My 4 fit tips for your summer holiday

The summer series articles are well underway and I hope a lot of the tips and articles over the last few weeks have given you some fit and healthy ideas.In this article,I will list out my top tips to a consider for people away on their summer holidays.A lot of the time before a lot of my clients go away on holiday they ask me what things they should do to compliment their fitness regime.My answer generally is always the same.The priority should be to enjoy your holiday with good food and drink, taking time to switch off, getting some sun by the pool and mostly spending quality time with family and friends.Your 1 or 2 week holiday away this summer doesn’t have to be a time planning your daily gym workout,prepping your food for the week ahead or even counting your macros.Here are my top tips for the fitness readers going away this summer.

Take the break,enjoy the break

The first point is this-Take the break.Your on holiday so switch off and relax.If you have been consistent with your training and nutrition the last while then your not going to set yourself back too much by letting loose a little on your holiday.A break is good and now is certainly the time you should go and enjoy yourself.Have those beers,eat that ice cream and even do it again the next day too!I have mentioned the 80/20 approach when it comes to your nutrition end of things.Now is the time you can certainly enjoy that 20% end and no big deal if you start to push a little further than that figure.

Get outside

I have already talked about the importance of getting your daily dose of vitamin D.If you do find yourself foreign afield this summer with a little bit of sunshine on offer then get out and soak it up.Over the last few weeks in Ireland we have been getting a nice amount of sun but sadly we just don’t get enough throughout the year.It is important to get out and get our dose of Vitamin D whenever we can.It is good for overall health,strong and healthy bones along with it being an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection. Not only is getting outside in the sunshine good for boosting our Vitamin D levels but overall it’s great for clearing the head and can only encourage us to keep working on our mental fitness.

“Slow down to speed back up again”

This is a quote I use a lot in my articles.Your holiday away should be a time to recharge the batteries,relax and enjoy yourself.I like to do a lot of Yoga,stretching and meditation and is something I would encourage a lot of my clients to try while away on holiday.In general I would recommend at least one yoga session a week. Slow down, breathe, stretch and meditate.A meditation app I have used in the past is called Headspace. All you need is 10 minutes a day for 10 days. You can get a free 10-day trial with this link.

Easy light activity

Like I said above when you are away on holidays you don’t need to plan your gym workouts nor do you need to find yourself in the hotel gym.My advice would be to get outside and walk,jog,bike or swim.If you find yourself planning a workout outside stick to the basics movements like air squats,push ups and pull ups.Keep it simple and the main tip here for you should be to keep it easy and light intensity.If you are on the road a lot and are looking for some good workout ideas and easy fitness tools to bring with you while away then you should read that article I put together last summer.

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Top 5 summer gym bag essentials

Over the last few weeks of my summer series articles I have given you healthy habits for the early morning riser,my top 4 fitness tips to keep you on track this summer along with lasts weeks article giving you full body outdoor workouts.

In this weeks article I am going to stick along with the trend and give you my top 5 items to carry with you in your gym bag.Whether your a person who hits the gym floor,wants to bring their workout to the local park this summer or you even find yourself on the road or on holiday this summer here are my top 5 essentials that will come in handy for a workout.

  • Mini roller+ Lacrosse ball

41uTXWUmq3LIn most workout articles I always highlight the importance of working on your mobility and flexibility.Its an area that most people do neglect as perhaps some people don’t see the importance of it or others just don’t know what to do.From working around the industry the last 10 years I can safely say that this part of your training is definitely up there at the top.Doing some yoga drills,some basic body maintenance or even using some mobility tools like a foam roller or lacrosse ball is something I would suggest people to do in almost every session.I always suggest people to have these around the gym bag.They are quite cheap,very easy to bring on the road and wont take up too much room in the kit bag.If you are a person that feels their body is always quite stiff,sore or tight then I would suggest you seek out advice from a trainer that knows how to improve your mobility or you can go watch a simple video I made below using some of the tools above

  • Resistance bands


Perhaps my favorite piece of kit and something I use have in the gym bag and would generally use them every training session.The best thing about the bands is that they are cheap,easy to pop into the gym bag and can do everything with them from mobility drills like right into challenging workout movements. Similar to the foam roller and lacrosse ball above not many people will know how to use these.The options are endless so I have put together a basic video below giving you some ideas on what movements you can do with a basic set of resistance bands

  • Mini bands

download (6)

Very similar to the bands above yet this are a smaller looped band that really are perfect for glute activation drills.Whether you are an office worker,gym goer,gaa or golf player you need to activate your glutes before every session.I have talked about low back pain before and how weak or inactive glutes is one of the reasons you are crippled with low back issues.I have put together a quick and easy routine of drills you can bring in your session with a simple set of mini bands

  • Gym rings/Suspension trainertrx-home-training-photo2

Having a set of rings or straps is the ideal tool to carry around the gym bag.A brand I use is the TRX. It comes in a small, netted bag and is very light. You simply hook the TRX up to any door frame, tree, or railing and you’re good to go.It’s a great piece of equipment that can be used for all fitness levels and can train any body part. Squats, pistols, rows, presses, planks and holds — you name it.The TRX workout featured in last articles my top 4 outdoor full body workouts


  • Timer/Gym clock


Another piece of kit that wont take up any room in the gym bag.I am a big fan of using the clock when it comes to certain workouts.Having a good sports watch,gym clock or timer is something I use for all my workouts.I feel using a clock especially if you are training alone can keep you moving and hold you that little bit more accountable.When doing trail runs I generally use my Garmin Forerunner.These are a must-have for anyone who is interested in logging and keeping track of their data.A good GPS watch will measure heart-rate, speed, distance, calorie burn and a whole lot more.Or when doing a gym or park workout I will either use my timer app“PushPress”  or go with the Gymboss interval timer.

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Full body outdoor summer workouts

In last weeks article I gave you 4 fitness tips to help keep you on track this summer The main focus for the next few weeks with the lead upto the summer should be to try and get active outside more. This really could be anything like cycling to work,getting a run or walk on your lunch break to even trying to bring your normal gym workout session outside. I’ve always been a huge fan of training outdoors.I try and bring my fitness work outside at least twice a week, mostly hitting a trail run,a full body workout with limited equipment on offer or even a hike on a Sunday morning.We spend enough of our day inside and now is the time to get out and active boosting our vitamin D levels while we are at it.

Over the last few weeks I’ve put together some workout routines that only require 1/2 bits of equipment that will work the full body aiming to develop and improve your mobility,strength,core and cardio.Like I have said before in previous articles you don’t need the best of equipment for the most effective workouts.I feel the best equipment out there is the gear that is portable and quite versatile to use meaning it give you many options on how to use.Things like resistance bands,kettlebells and a basic set of gym rings or suspension trainers are my top 3 fitness tools to use.Having said that just using your own bodyweight is just as good too if you have no equipment on offer. The biggest obstacles I hear from people are they haven’t got the time to train and when they do they don’t really know what to do to get the most out of their session.The sessions I have put together here are perfect as you don’t need much time,space or equipment and the aim was to construct workouts that will work the full body in one session.

Park gym bench

Almost every park dotted around Ireland now has gym some equipment.From monkey bars,pull up and dip bars right down to some tricky looking equipment also.Some of them are quite easy to use and some a little confusing on how to use correctly.Having access to a basic pull up bar or park bench is very useful however and the options are endless when putting a workout together using them.Here is an example of what I did and the emphasis was to move through this full circuit of exercises for 15 mins resting 1 minute at the end of each full routine.This routine below will strengthen the legs,improve the upper body while developing some power,finishing off with some hamstring and core work.

Suspension trainer

This is another super tool that most gyms will have these days.It’s also a very easy piece of equipment for the local park,house or even in the suitcase if you find yourself on the road a lot.A simple set of gym rings or a TRX suspension trainer is a good brand but there are plenty of other affordable suspension trainers.You simply hook the straps up to a door frame, tree or railing and you’re good to go.The routine below is another full body routine consisting of squats,rear lunges,pulls,presses and a core combo at the end.All you need is 15 minutes so give it a go.


The kettlebell is an excellent exercise tool and is something I recommend everybody to have about the house.It’s perfect for a home or park workout, versatile and quite easy to bring on the road as you can perform so many movements with it.I combined the jump rope,kettlebell,resistance band and the ab mat for a full body home workout routine here.Ideally I would recommend you to chip through this routine and once full routine is complete take 2 minutes rest and repeat again for 3-4 more rounds.

Pull-up bar

Most parks will have a bar just like this.In a previous article I mentioned the importance on working on your weaknesses and bringing in some skill work every now and then.A lot of the clients I train initially are unable to hit a full pull or chin up and it is a goal they really want to achieve.With a little time and practice towards the goal you will be able to achieve your first full pull up.The video below will include some good advice on how you will be able to achieve you first full pull up this summer in your local park.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

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4 summer tips to keep you on track

THE SUMMER MONTHS have kicked in,mornings are getting brighter,evenings a little longer and we now seem to have the sunshine with us the last few weeks.

During the summer months it really is quite normal for your routine to get a little sidetracked away from your normal daily routine.Of course the summer months can bring in many things like holidays away,festivals,weddings,beer gardens and so on and we might not see a trip to the gym as a one of the priority’s for your day.That really is normal and I always do encourage people to change it up a little and allow some change during the year.From working on the gym floor now for almost 10 years now generally speaking the gym floor does get a little quieter than the wintry months.

The priority should be to enjoy the sunshine and summer months when we get it.This could be anything from a holiday away with good food and drink, taking time to switch off, getting outdoors, or even spending quality time with family and friends.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t also spend some time on your health and fitness. Some of you spend enough time training indoors during the winter months in the gym, now is the time to get outside and continue to top up on your fitness, all while getting some vitamin D.

Here are a couple of ideas to keep you ticking over the summer months

Plan ahead or change it up

A plan or program is something that will help you stay accountable during the summer months.The list here is endless by perhaps starting a new strength program or even totally coming away from strength and deciding to bring in a little more outdoor cardio workouts,deciding to work with a personal trainer or even signing up to a sports club/team.Over the 12 week summer period it is good to continue to work towards something.Having a journal or even using a vision board too is quite useful to help you keep on track of that long term goal you have set in place at the start of the year.Over the years I have seen people set goals back in January and once the summer months start to kick in the goal is slowly put away to the side. Don’t get me wrong the summer should be enjoyed and your focus can shift a little off your fitness goal but there is no need to fully give up.What I suggest here is try and stay with it as much as possible while incorporating a 1-2 week break in there too.

A break is good

When a lot of my clients go away on their summer holidays they ask me what workouts to do.I always tell them first that the hotel gym does not need to be on the top of their list.The goal of any holiday should be to switch off and enjoy the break spending good quality time with family and friends.A break really is good for the body and there really is no harm eating and drinking a bit more of the food that you wouldn’t necessarily while at home.If you do want to get some exercise in during this time then simple things like swimming ,running or even renting a bike to check out the local area is what is best.Any time I go away I like to get out and run.It really is the best way to see the sights and find your bearings.

FullSizeRender (58)

Doing some simple and basic mobility stretches or even just take a leaf out of this guys book below and just have some fun by the pool!


Get active outside

When we have some sunshine in Ireland it is quite important to get out and get our dose of vitamin D.Vitamin D is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones. It’s also an important factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection.Your body can make its own vitamin D from sunlight. You can also get vitamin D from supplements and a very small amount comes from a few foods you eat.Not only getting outside in the sunshine is good for boosting our vitamin D but overall its great for clearing the head and can only encourage to keep working on our mental fitness.We spend enough time throughout the year working indoors at work to the gym floor and now is the time to get outside and use the fitness that you have worked on all round by doing some activities outside.In my next point you can see some of the activities you can take you while getting that vitamin D topped up

New hobby/challenge

In last weeks article I mentioned keeping your training varied.Each summer I always try to pick up a new skill/workout path.Last year I took up trail running and since that it has become a weekly part of my training plan.Bringing in a new activity,hobby or skill that is totally new for yourself will not only test you physically and mentally but will encourage you to stay on track holding you accountable over the summer months.The list is endless these days from playing tag rugby,going out on a hike,signing up for a triathlon or even just getting out for a cycle.My new hobby this summer is sea swimming around seapoint. Not only have I found this great for my fitness but it has really helped me with my mental fitness too.

FullSizeRender (57).jpg

In next weeks article I will put together some video content including basic and effective outdoor workouts with very limited gym equipment that I generally do with both myself and my clients.

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The smartest and most effective training plan

In last weeks article I wrote about the good,the bad and the ugly information out there within the fitness industry Today I am going to focus on the good and provide you with information I feel is useful and a smart way to train.Like I mentioned last week the primary goal for anyone really should be to get off the sofa,move more getting regular exercise, eating healthily, drinking more water and getting enough sleep.

Over the last 5-10 years we have seen a huge shift in the numbers of people now taking part in regular exercise.This really is great to see and this was largely noticeable at Dublin’s recent Health,fitness and wellness Wellfest festival in Herbert park over the weekend.

FullSizeRender (55)

The biggest thing I have seen creep into the industry is intensity.Sure intensity is good but not every single training session.Some people may think they need to keep hammering themselves with lots of intensity,load and volume in each workout in order to get to their goals.We are now encouraged to keep going and going taking on the most extreme challenges of all.A marathon doesn’t seem to be hardcore enough any more and now it seems we need to be doing ultra marathons,500 rep workouts and lots more to be ahead of the pack.We are constantly being surrounded by quotes like “Go hard or Go home” “No pain,No gain”,”Dont stop when it hurts,stop when your done” or even “Train insane or remain the same”  It wont take you long to find information or quotes like these with a quick glance on your social media feeds.To be honest the truth really is that less is actually more and quality over quantity is an approach that works best with me and my clients and the results we get speak for themselves.

Like I said in last weeks piece I have been around the industry long enough to know what is useful and what is rubbish and anything I feel is useful I try and bring it into this weekly column.Below I feel is the best approach for a general training template.

Know your goal and find the right path to get there

Most people nowadays have busy lives and may struggle to find the time to plan their workouts.My advice here is to try and get in three sessions per week and really aim to get the most from those sessions by targeting the areas that need attention first.A lot of the time most people I train on a daily basis need work predominately with their mobility and flexibility first then we put an emphasis on strength and core work finishing off with some form of conditioning work depending on the goals of the client.A lot of the time I would see people being a little clueless with their training regime and the training they are doing has little to no resemblance to their goal.My advice here if you are not sure would be to seek some assistance from a trainer who is particular about technique, has a good pedigree and has a proven track record of helping clients get results.

Build a good foundation 

The wider the fitness base the better the individuals fitness capacity.I recommend to spend time on the initial stages and forget diving into the deep end.A lot of the time I would see people want to dive head first into the more complex movements,programs and workouts and haven’t spent enough time of working on the basics looking to continually improve on them.My advise and simple 3 step approach here is Technique-Consistency-Intensity. Work on the basics first get consistently good at them then start to ramp up with some intensity.Basic things like building your aerobic base,being able to perform simple mobility drills like a basic couch stretch or downward dog or even go work on some basic movements like the squat and build from there.The squat really is one of the best and most functional movements out there and people need to fix movements like this before progressing further down the line.

Listen to your body

Something I would say time and time again to people I train.You know your body more than anyone else and you need to decide what is the best approach on that day.A lot of the time we are encouraged to continuously  ramp up the heart rate,sweat more and overall keep the intensity up.If that is what you care about session after session then you are on the road of burn out or a future injury.Like I said at the start intensity is good but sometimes “you need to slow down to speed back up again”.You need to know when is a good day to bring in high intensity,a moderate to light session or even a complete days rest.Bringing in some light active recovery work into your routine is something I would really encourage.Keeping your heart rate controlled and not worrying about a high heart rate all the time.A walk,cycle or jog could work here a basic yoga session or even a 15 minute body maintenance session like below would work very well.

Forget the noise and focus on what works

In last weeks article I talked about fitness marketing.Everything and anything is marketed these days from supplements we can hardly spell, workouts and training plans that promise you fast and effective results.Over the last 5-10 years we have seen a huge interest and large participation in fitness,health and wellbeing. In that time we really have seen a large amount of fads creep into the industry.I have seen it all now at this stage from workouts that involve standing on vibrating plates and belts,8 minute workouts that will promise you abs,dumbbells that shake and vibrate even down to the many of the latest and questionable group class workouts we see advertised about.Sure you should go down a route that you will enjoy and be fun but like I said if you are looking to get the most out of your training and a path that is going to improve your fitness then your really cant beat the basics and sticking to them consistently.Running,swimming,biking,doing some yoga and stretching along with bringing in basics movements like squatting,hinging,pulling,pressing and carries are all the best exercises that keep it simple and will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


Keep it varied yet relative

Doing the same thing over and over again in exactly the same way is not a recipe of improvement,it is a recipe for stagnation and gradual decline.Like I said above in order to get the best from your training you need your plan match and be relative to the overall goal.Your program should be catered to your goal, your body, your training age, your strengths and your weaknesses.My advise would be to vary your training as much as possible.In a typical week I would bring in plenty of changes.A couple of examples here are areas you could bring into your template.Strength work or weight based training,getting outdoors going for a walk,bike or run,doing some high intensity interval training,getting some yoga flow/mobility work in or even bringing in new weekly/monthly skills or challenges to work on and allow you develop your fitness that little bit more.I also mentioned in this article that sure physical fitness as very important but how you train and look after your mind and mental fitness is just as, if not more, important and you could also bring in many ways into your week on working on that.FullSizeRender (56)

Continue to assess your progress is something I would suggest you do every 6-8 weeks.This could be anything from doing a body fat test,retesting a bench mark workout or even working off a 8 week strength program and then going back to retesting your old 1RM. Like I always say “If you are not assessing you are really only guessing”

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fitness article

From working in the fitness industry over the last 10 years I’ve seen a hell of a lot come and go.The latest and sometimes craziest workout routines,the in season “celebrity diet” right down to the latest fitness equipment that promises you to get you that six pack this summer. Lucky with time the good sticks around and the bad generally moves on eventually.However it can take some time for the bad to move and the bad really can interfere and shake up a few things confusing people.

As a trainer I find it just as confusing as my average client seeing some of the things that are popping up and being pushed about.The health and fitness industry as a whole is an area that is marketed with millions of euro each year which most of the time can lead individuals down a path thinking that the latest advert,trend or influencer they have come across can really help them out with their health and fitness goals.

Everything and anything is marketed these days from supplements we can hardly spell,workouts and training plans that promise you fast and effective results right down to even some of the funkiest and craziest looking workout equipment. We’ve all seen them whether that’s on TV,social media,magazines,or even in and around the gym floor themselves.A lot of the time most of these options are a total waste of time for the average gym goer and generally you don’t need to take notice of a lot of marketing nonsense that is going on around you.If you feel things like wrapping your tummy with saran wrap,having butter every day with your coffee or even standing on a vibrating board is going to lead you to healthy living and getting you to that fitness goal you might need to think again.

The truth is almost everyone in fitness is trying to sell you something. A product, program, a diet pill or a magic quick fix. Very rarely someone is trying to sell you the truth. The truth is there are no shortcuts and sometimes there are no fancy routes to go down.At the end of the day you cant beat the basics, patience,hard work and consistency.Getting regular exercise,eating healthy,drinking water and getting enough sleep really are the basics that work and will lead to a fit and healthy lifestyle

Here are my top 4 useful tips to consider implementing for the average gym goer.


Let me start by re-emphasising that I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or affiliated with any supplement store or brand. Instead, I will always mention the basic information in an honest way and give you the advice I offer to my clients.I can safely say that yes, some supplements do have a place for certain individuals but they should only be looked at once you have the basics covered when it comes to your nutrition and other lifestyle factors.For a lot of us, supplements can be quite overwhelming and perhaps it’s an avenue we really have little or no knowledge on and I generally find that most people follow the trend and fall for certain marketing schemes when it comes to going with certain supplements.A basic protein source is a good start if you feel you do need to look at this route.I have wrote an article before about protein and mentioned all the basics you need to know before letting the marketing racket influence your decision.

Workout routines

I have seen anything and everything at this stage.Let me start by saying that any form of exercise is positive and getting off the sofa and getting moving more should be the number 1 goal.However you might need to audit that current workout your currently doing if you feel your getting nowhere with it.The good,bad and ugly will always be around and I have pretty much come across all types here at this stage of my career.Luckily I am around the industry long enough to know what is useful and what is absolutely rubbish.For the workout your currently doing the reason and why your doing it should always come back to your goal. Everyone’s goal is different.From improvements in your performance,aesthetics,mindset the list is really endless.What I will highlight for the reader here that a good template of a good workout program is generally covering all the basics.The basics work period and a program that covers mobility/flexibility work,has an emphasis on strength work and works your cardio/core too is a template I would generally be trying to work off.No matter what latest workout trend comes out it always comes back to the basics for me.I have wrote a piece on the basics and how they can really make all the difference 


Similar to above the gym equipment coming and going into the industry is sometimes mind boggling. If you are the person looking for crazy looking gym equipment,saunas or a jacuzzi as top of the list when joining a gym this may point may not be for you.We still do see lots of crazy looking gym equipment adverts on the TV and internet that promise to get you those 2 week abs.I must say it’s great to see a lot of the big commercial gyms starting to keep up and shifting their focus on laying out the gym floor the right way.Long gone are the days of hundreds of resistance isolation machines taking up space on the gym floor and now we are starting to see people focus a lot more on movement, mobility, flexibility, strength work and on their core.A good layout in a gym is having access to open space to allow you to train your own body and improve your overall movement, squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, resistance bands and other mobility tools such as foam rollers and lacrosse balls.That set up might not sound a lot to some people but it means you can really put together a good workout with a strong emphasis on developing strength on the basic movements.Having access to a simple set of resistance bands can go a long way.I have put together a basic video below of the best and most useful exercises you can do with a basic set of bands


I guess a lot can fall into this category.Anything and everything from social media platforms,online trainers,books,bloggers and vloggers are some of the areas you can look into here.There is a lot of good here but a hell of a lot of bad.Sadly there might just be a bit more bad than good too and a lot of this bad and misleading information is now starting to disrupt and confuse a lot of the good basic info that has been out there and working for years.A quick flick through Instagram will just show you a whole new world of fitness and sadly a lot of this can be false information that really is dolled up hoping it can draw you in.It wont take you too long to find someone offering you a free discount supplement code,quick fix detox plan or training program that sadly most likely wont even match your goal.Most people looking in are drawn here from the content being shown.A lot of this content is filtered,edited and cropped finely knowing well that it might just draw a few people in.Don’t get me wrong there is some amazing info out there these days but who you need to be wary your not just following some keyboard glamed up trainer,blogger or vlogger who really hasn’t a notion of what they are talking about.

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Sport article

Over the last few weeks we have seen the golf season really take off.During the course of the year I tend to train a handful of golfers who come into me looking for some help with their mobility,movement and their core.Let me start by saying I ain’t no golfer and I may not be able to get you that hole in 1.However,the drills I have brought into the golfers gyms sessions has lead them to great improvements in their performance.

If you are person who plays a racket or rotational sports then this article will come in very handy for you.From golfers,hurlers to camogie,hockey and tennis players the info today will come in very handy for you.From working and competing myself in and around the sport and fitness environment I have always picked up on one thing outside of the playing field.Most sports people always think they need “sports specific” training programs or “tailored sports performance”programs for the gym for their sport.Sure I think sport specific training does have its place but only at a certain stage and would always recommend you to get the basics done right first.

I have been around quite a lot of sports and athletes both at amateur, semi pro and pro level so I guess I have seen what goes on and what is needed most outside the playing field.Over the last ten years I have shadowed the Australian rugby team,many league of Ireland and UK based soccer players,a handful of American college based athletes,club and county GAA players and a good few golfers.We have seen a shift in what goes on off the field of play and we now see the importance of gym work,nutrition and off the field recovery protocols.There is no doubt about that all the work that goes on behind the scenes nowadays has lead to overall improved performance.

So how do I help golfers and other rotational based sports people?

I first get them in and I asses their movement pattern,strength,power,mobility and core strength.All these areas are vital for a good athlete and if you can tap into these areas and improve them it can only lead to a better all round performance.Like I said above I may not be able to get you that hole in 1 so you might need to find a golf coach for that but these areas above can only compliment your game.

It all comes back to the basics a lot of the time and even though certain people might think they need sport specific drills for their game or sport it really all comes back to the having a good basic solid foundation with your fitness first.

After a quick assessment most golfers/sports people I train fall down in these 3 areas.

  1. Very poor mobility/flexibility
  2. Weak core
  3. Little to no warm up/cool down structure and throughout the course of the season they have picked up silly back,hip or shoulder issues and have played through them without finding the true cause/reason

You want to improve your game,find better positions,stay mobile and injury free then I really suggest you go work on the basics above.

These are the areas I suggest for golfers/sports people to look into and it really is nothing too specific.

  1. Mobility program
  2. Have some emphasis on strength training in your program
  3. Have some emphasis on power development in your program
  4. Look to work and develop your core strength

All these 4 areas can be put together into 1 whole 60 minute session and really only need to do 1-2 full sessions of these a week in and around your sport.

The benefits I have seen after 3/4 months have been phenomenal.Here is a example of a client below.His upper back and overall mobility was quite weak and this overall prevented him from finding good start positions.Now,I am not a golf coach but I do know that positions are important in all sports particularly in golf and if you can improve these they can only lead to a better all round game.IMG_1778 (1)

Straight away you can see a far better improvement in upper back,improved upright position and this can only lead to a far better starting block strike.Generally speaking most people fall down on tight upper back,rounded shoulders,tight hip flexors and extremely tight hamstrings.I have already covered basic drills to combat those tight areas in this article.

Your mobility is key.Whether you are a golfer,sports person or anybody who wants to look after their body then you need to stay on top of your mobility.As we age we tend to stiffen up,pick up wear and tear injuries and overall this can effect our daily tasks.Most golfers I have worked with at the start have never really done any specific mobility warm up drill.I put together this mobility circuit for golfers and it only takes 5 minutes.It really isn’t just for golfers and have done basic movements like this with a lot of sports people I have trained over the years.

Go watch this below and all you need is a basic resistant band to have in the golf bag.

Ideally I would always suggest golfers to look after their mobility and core first then look at other areas like strength and power work dotted throughout the year.I have wrote 2 articles on power and strength programs.Most rotational based sports people need to up their core game.The stronger the core the better the performance in my opinion.There are some superb rotational core drills out there that you bring into your plan.Low back pain is v common with golf and if you can improve your core then this can only help out.Below are some excellent drills for helping you out.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

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