Top 5 summer gym bag essentials

Over the last few weeks of my summer series articles I have given you healthy habits for the early morning riser,my top 4 fitness tips to keep you on track this summer along with lasts weeks article giving you full body outdoor workouts.

In this weeks article I am going to stick along with the trend and give you my top 5 items to carry with you in your gym bag.Whether your a person who hits the gym floor,wants to bring their workout to the local park this summer or you even find yourself on the road or on holiday this summer here are my top 5 essentials that will come in handy for a workout.

  • Mini roller+ Lacrosse ball

41uTXWUmq3LIn most workout articles I always highlight the importance of working on your mobility and flexibility.Its an area that most people do neglect as perhaps some people don’t see the importance of it or others just don’t know what to do.From working around the industry the last 10 years I can safely say that this part of your training is definitely up there at the top.Doing some yoga drills,some basic body maintenance or even using some mobility tools like a foam roller or lacrosse ball is something I would suggest people to do in almost every session.I always suggest people to have these around the gym bag.They are quite cheap,very easy to bring on the road and wont take up too much room in the kit bag.If you are a person that feels their body is always quite stiff,sore or tight then I would suggest you seek out advice from a trainer that knows how to improve your mobility or you can go watch a simple video I made below using some of the tools above

  • Resistance bands


Perhaps my favorite piece of kit and something I use have in the gym bag and would generally use them every training session.The best thing about the bands is that they are cheap,easy to pop into the gym bag and can do everything with them from mobility drills like right into challenging workout movements. Similar to the foam roller and lacrosse ball above not many people will know how to use these.The options are endless so I have put together a basic video below giving you some ideas on what movements you can do with a basic set of resistance bands

  • Mini bands

download (6)

Very similar to the bands above yet this are a smaller looped band that really are perfect for glute activation drills.Whether you are an office worker,gym goer,gaa or golf player you need to activate your glutes before every session.I have talked about low back pain before and how weak or inactive glutes is one of the reasons you are crippled with low back issues.I have put together a quick and easy routine of drills you can bring in your session with a simple set of mini bands

  • Gym rings/Suspension trainertrx-home-training-photo2

Having a set of rings or straps is the ideal tool to carry around the gym bag.A brand I use is the TRX. It comes in a small, netted bag and is very light. You simply hook the TRX up to any door frame, tree, or railing and you’re good to go.It’s a great piece of equipment that can be used for all fitness levels and can train any body part. Squats, pistols, rows, presses, planks and holds — you name it.The TRX workout featured in last articles my top 4 outdoor full body workouts


  • Timer/Gym clock


Another piece of kit that wont take up any room in the gym bag.I am a big fan of using the clock when it comes to certain workouts.Having a good sports watch,gym clock or timer is something I use for all my workouts.I feel using a clock especially if you are training alone can keep you moving and hold you that little bit more accountable.When doing trail runs I generally use my Garmin Forerunner.These are a must-have for anyone who is interested in logging and keeping track of their data.A good GPS watch will measure heart-rate, speed, distance, calorie burn and a whole lot more.Or when doing a gym or park workout I will either use my timer app“PushPress”  or go with the Gymboss interval timer.

David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information you can follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Or you can send him a direct message here.

You can also see some of his previous articles here.










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