Full body outdoor summer workouts

In last weeks article I gave you 4 fitness tips to help keep you on track this summer The main focus for the next few weeks with the lead upto the summer should be to try and get active outside more. This really could be anything like cycling to work,getting a run or walk on your lunch break to even trying to bring your normal gym workout session outside. I’ve always been a huge fan of training outdoors.I try and bring my fitness work outside at least twice a week, mostly hitting a trail run,a full body workout with limited equipment on offer or even a hike on a Sunday morning.We spend enough of our day inside and now is the time to get out and active boosting our vitamin D levels while we are at it.

Over the last few weeks I’ve put together some workout routines that only require 1/2 bits of equipment that will work the full body aiming to develop and improve your mobility,strength,core and cardio.Like I have said before in previous articles you don’t need the best of equipment for the most effective workouts.I feel the best equipment out there is the gear that is portable and quite versatile to use meaning it give you many options on how to use.Things like resistance bands,kettlebells and a basic set of gym rings or suspension trainers are my top 3 fitness tools to use.Having said that just using your own bodyweight is just as good too if you have no equipment on offer. The biggest obstacles I hear from people are they haven’t got the time to train and when they do they don’t really know what to do to get the most out of their session.The sessions I have put together here are perfect as you don’t need much time,space or equipment and the aim was to construct workouts that will work the full body in one session.

Park gym bench

Almost every park dotted around Ireland now has gym some equipment.From monkey bars,pull up and dip bars right down to some tricky looking equipment also.Some of them are quite easy to use and some a little confusing on how to use correctly.Having access to a basic pull up bar or park bench is very useful however and the options are endless when putting a workout together using them.Here is an example of what I did and the emphasis was to move through this full circuit of exercises for 15 mins resting 1 minute at the end of each full routine.This routine below will strengthen the legs,improve the upper body while developing some power,finishing off with some hamstring and core work.

Suspension trainer

This is another super tool that most gyms will have these days.It’s also a very easy piece of equipment for the local park,house or even in the suitcase if you find yourself on the road a lot.A simple set of gym rings or a TRX suspension trainer is a good brand but there are plenty of other affordable suspension trainers.You simply hook the straps up to a door frame, tree or railing and you’re good to go.The routine below is another full body routine consisting of squats,rear lunges,pulls,presses and a core combo at the end.All you need is 15 minutes so give it a go.


The kettlebell is an excellent exercise tool and is something I recommend everybody to have about the house.It’s perfect for a home or park workout, versatile and quite easy to bring on the road as you can perform so many movements with it.I combined the jump rope,kettlebell,resistance band and the ab mat for a full body home workout routine here.Ideally I would recommend you to chip through this routine and once full routine is complete take 2 minutes rest and repeat again for 3-4 more rounds.

Pull-up bar

Most parks will have a bar just like this.In a previous article I mentioned the importance on working on your weaknesses and bringing in some skill work every now and then.A lot of the clients I train initially are unable to hit a full pull or chin up and it is a goal they really want to achieve.With a little time and practice towards the goal you will be able to achieve your first full pull up.The video below will include some good advice on how you will be able to achieve you first full pull up this summer in your local park.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information you can follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Or you can send him a direct message here.

You can also see some of his previous articles here










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