top 5 fitness apps/websites

Over the last 10 years working in the fitness industry I have seen many things come and go from new styles of training,different fitness tools,workout gadgets right down to the latest apps and websites.In that time I have found myself using different approaches that have helped me bring my training to the next level both with myself and my clients.I have got to say there is a lot of useful things out there that can only help you out with regard to your health and fitness goals.I have used and still do use all 5 of these approaches below.The reason I do is because they are very useful,highly effective and overall just easy enough to use.The 5 I have listed are really from a broad range of angles but they are my top 5 that I have came across at the moment.


I have used the quote “Slow down to speed up” many times before in this column and this is really an area you might be able to bring that focus to.Fitness to me isn’t just about lifting weights,going to the gym,eating your broccoli nor going out for a run.Your mental fitness to me is just as important as your physical well being.I have wrote an article on different things you can do to improve your mindset and mental fitness Doing things like meditation or even just getting outside into the sunshine when we have it are great ways to improve this area.The Headspace app is a digital service that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Its content can be accessed online, or via their mobile apps.In April 2016, Headspace claimed to have over 6 million people using the app.I have brought meditation into my routine and has helped me out in many ways with regard to my wellbeing,fitness and health.To download the app and sign up for a free 10 day trail go follow the link below




A few weeks back I wrote a piece on the 5 most common mistakes people are making in and around the gym.One of them was that I see people performing workouts on top of a consistently tight body.Your mobility is an area people need to be working on daily.I have given you a quick and easy 15min body maintenance program and feel almost everybody needs to start bringing in structures like this somewhere into their training program. ROMWOD stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. It is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. ROMWOD really is for everyone and is a program I have sent over to a lot of my clients who cant make it to the gym a lot of time and particularly comes in very handy for people who are sitting down for long periods of their day or even the people who are out on the road a lot with work This program was initially designed by CrossFitters to help them out with their mobility and range of motion. Poor mobility can effect everyone and the only way to stay on top of these areas is by bringing in daily drills that can combat poor posture,tight and stiff bodies and joints.If you stay on top of these areas it can only improve your overall daily function and even your performance in and around the gym


Pushpress timer

I am a big fan of using the clock when it comes to certain workouts.Whether I am out on a trail run or hitting up a interval conditioning piece in the gym I like to have a clock there to measure myself and generally just keep me going.I feel using a clock especially if you are training alone can keep you moving and hold you that little bit more accountable.A timer I use is called “PushPress” and I have been using it for years.Its free to download,extremely easy to use and has many different timer modes on it whether you are looking to set up a tabata drill,EMOM (every minute on the minute) or even just a 30 min capped run.Sadly this app is only currently available for Iphone users but they have said that it will be available with an android version soon.



MapMyRun is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the built-in GPS of your mobile device to track all of your fitness activities. Record your workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map.I am a big fan and user of this app as it is really easy to use and super handy when logging and tracking progress.With the evenings getting brighter and the Dublin marathon in the distance this app will come in very handy when it comes to logging and keeping on top of the steps you need to be doing for the event in October.They have all angles covered here right from logging your fitness, bike ride,hike to even your dog walk!



This is another tool I have used both for myself and my clients.A quote I would say quite often is “If your not assessing then your really only guessing” and this is where this falls in very well.I have already given you the 5 key steps you need to sort your nutrition Nutrition can be quite a minefield to many people when it comes to their health and fitness goals.The options are endless from counting calories,”IIFYM”,paleo,gluten free,vegan,weight-watchers and so on.Any client that I have worked who has hit their goals generally speaking always comes back to their approach and relationship with food.My client Ciaran who lost 10stone in 1 year is an example of how the MyFitnessPal helped him out.His step by step approach to loose all that weight was to fix the basics first and once he had the basics nailed down he then started to measure the numbers he needed in order for his goal.Within that year everything was measured from his calorie intake right down to his macronutritents breakdown.I have seen MyFitnessPal get some stick over the last few years with regard to people obsessing over what they are eating on a daily basis.MyFitnessPal doesn’t need to be an approach you need to use for the rest of your life but for a short spell in order to help you and make you that little bit more aware of what you need in order to be staying on tops of your nutrition goals.

I hope you’ve found this information useful and if you need any more advice you can pop me a message from the links below.

David Last is a personal trainer based in Dublin. For more information you can follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Or you can send him a direct message here.

You can also see some of his previous articles here.





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