If your going to do it then surely you are going to go about it the right way and relative to your goal.

But what is a good approach?

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve created a numerous amount of videos to help you out with a couple of your movements in your gym program.These drills are the basics and nothing really too complicated.Yet a lot of the time I see these movements done incorrect purely down to 2 reasons.

1.You aren’t or haven’t been taught or guided right initially. 


2.You didn’t dial the basics in long enough and wanted to move onto the more complex stuff straight away.

However,believe it or not LESS is MORE most of the time and all of these exercises are the ones that will give you the biggest bang for your buck,allow you to build a good solid foundation and will enable you to build on from there once you get consistent and stronger at them.

Movements like a basic squat,push or pull up are things you should be looking to work towards getting right and eventually building on from there. Other areas like basic flexibility/mobility standards like being able to touch your toes while in a seated floor position or be able to get into a basic couch or pigeon stretch to even something simple as performing shoulder dislocates correctly are all standards I like to see ticked off or working on before going anywhere else.



Time and time again all I am seeing now is people doing movement after movement not spending enough time working on basic technique and looking to dive straight into increased intensity and all with pretty poor technique.Over time all this is going to lead to risk of injury or burnout.

Sometimes you got to slow down to speed up and this is where you need to stop rating how good your workout was by how sore you are the next day or how much you sweated in that workout.What you really need to do is work on your mobility more,find out what areas you need work on,build some strength and every now and then get your heart rate up

The right approach is this and something I do with any client I work with from the start.

1.Get a mobility screening done and find out what areas in your body need attention before starting to bring in increased movement,load and intensity.This could be anything like tight hamstrings,tight and inactive glutes,stiff low back,or even tight ankles.The list goes on.Any good trainer should do this in the early stages and if there not I would advise you to move on and find someone who is going to properly assess you first.

2.Work and learn the basic movements Build a good foundation focusing on your strength.Mechanics (or technique),consistency following then by intensity should be the 3 step process here.Meaning work on basic bodyweight movements,learn the best technique and scale/level you should be working on before moving onto the next progression. Unfortunately I see people jumping ship early and diving into more of the complex movements that their body isn’t ready for.This is only going to lead to a risk of injury down the line.A lot of the time I am seeing people get stuck into movements such as kettlebell swings,olympic lifting with pretty poor technique and they should have done far more work at the start working on their mobility and mastering basic movements first.Below I include a great selection of videos covering how your warm up should look like,how your squat can improve,how to get better at push ups and finding the right scale/level for your pulls ups finishing off with Kettlebell swing tips.


What your squat should look like starting off

How to get better at push ups

How to scale your pull up for your level

Kettlebell swings

Hope all this info above has helped you out and if you need any more advise just pop me a message.If you enjoyed this content you can see more from other social media pages here below

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