8 things that you need in your training plan

8 things that you need in your training plan

The last 2 weeks you have seen the Ciaran Burns transformation and I’ve given you pretty good detail on what to look out for in the right gym. (Is it possible to link them in)

Today I give you a pretty detailed look at what you really should have in your gym program if your goal is to loose weight,look better, stay injury free and overall just feel more fit and healthy.

Lets break in all down below

Mobility/Flexibility work

The most common issue with clients I have to deal with on a day to day basis is poor mobility and/or flexibility. You want to improve your strength, fitness or become less prone to injury then your really going to need to work on your limiting factors. Some people have tight ankles,hips,shoulders to inactive glutes.We all have different weaker areas and this is down to lots of things from sitting down at a desk 8 hours a day to standing too long in your day or even something as simple as wearing the wrong foot wear.You have got to work on this initial roadblock, run through a simple mobility test that all personal trainers should be doing with all their clients straight from session 1.When I work with any client it is imperative that I point out the areas (paying particular emphasis on the worst areas) they need to work on so they move better and without restriction.Spending 10-15 mins daily working on your movement,mobility and flexibility will pay off over time.

Build your aerobic base and master the basics

Are you able to move for a steady 20-40 minutes without letting your heartrate and lungs go into overdrive? Diving straight into the deep end going all out into high intensity training will 1 lead you to burnout and 2 run the risk of injury. Instead what I recommend is building a base, work on basic movements like squatting, pulling, pushing,pressing, carrying. Work on good movement patterns throughout these exercises, work for 20-30 mins and keep your heart rate at a zone where you wont be going too crazy.

Strength and interval training

Incorporate compound movements that give you the best bang for your buck.Exercises like squats,deadlifts,presses,pulling,carries.Master the movement, working good range of motion and keeping reps relatively low yet heavy relative to your strength level.Keeping a log of your work here is important. I generally would stick to 2-3 strength movements per session and ideally should take you 20-25 minutes.

Every now and then its good to make yourself uncomfortable and finish with a interval workout.This part of session should take no more than 10-12 minutes and for most of the time its not the most important part of your session.Things



I believe in the mantra of “Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity” – in that order.


Let me break that down for you

Mechanics-Learn the new skill/movement.This can start off as basic as an air squat right up to one of the Olympic movements such as a snatch.Start off basic and work your way to the top.Forget the deep end,the quick fix and so on.Spend time and become a master at that movement.

Consistency-Dial in the new movement/s until it becomes second nature to you.Again its going to take time and a half decent coach,yet over time this is going to make you a better well rounded person in and around the gym.

Intensity-Lots of people want to go straight into the deep end and feel they need to go at 100% effort in order to get the full benefit from it. Believe it or not I know that if you pace yourself and slow down,learn the movements,slowly build up that fitness over time you will be far better in the long run.Sometimes you just got to “Slow down to speed up” a phrase which i use far too often in my day.

I guess your here for the training plan.

First of all we need a client I guess.

We are all different yet most of us need roughly the same dose of training if your looking to look better and feel healthier.Now if your looking for something specific like run a marathon sub 3.30 or chase a big number on your deadlift well then you need more of a tailored program.

So lets stick the goal we mentioned first above and i guess 90% of clients just want to look and feel better at the end of the day

Goal: Drop body fat,look better naked,have more real energy in your day,loose some weight.

1.Give yourself a realistic approach.Your not going to turn heads over night or 28 days for that matter.Realistically you don’t want to think of the finishing date because to be honest IMO you should always want to make yourself better every day of your life.Sure in 28 days you may be able to create certain good habits if you apply them but unfortunately you wont see drastic changes in this short amount of time.

FullSizeRender (5)

2.Make yourself uncomfortable,get used to that feeling and make it feel comfortable.Lets face it staying in your comfort zone wont make you any better.I used to dread public speaking,and I still do in many social surroundings,my first year as a fitness instructor teaching classes I would have my class plan all nailed down but my down fall was my delivery to the group as I just got very nervous.Yet over time I made myself get used to this and every day I wanted to improve so I guess i made myself get used to this feeling.Over time I got better and If you throw me into a group in a gym environment I really feel quite in my element.The message here is whatever you feel is letting you down,get after it every day,fight it and overcome it.Then,continue to take on the next challenge.

3.Enjoy the whole process,a slogan we have on our wall is “Success is a journey,not a destination,the doing is often more important than the outcome”


4.Cut out the junk food,read this article and the most important part of all.APPLY that knowledge I have given you.

5.Work on your mobility first,go do this test or call me and I will happily put you through it.See what shows up first,and what areas needs work,fix them then go work on your fitness.


6.Build your aerobic base.Basically get your heart and lungs used to being uncomfortable and put yourself through moving your body around with a handful of exercises for roughly 20-30 mins.Ideally you can wear a heart monitor here but tbh thats not that important.If you do, then look at holding it around 120-140 Bpm.This is how I generally start with beginner clients. Heres a very basic workout below that we do.Beginners generally can do this style of workout 2-3 times a week then progress onwards

Great example we use below

Working off a 25 min clock

Work for 40 seconds @70-80% effort Rest for 20 seconds

Run/Row @70-80% effort

Air squat (12-15)

Ring row (10-12)

Farmers Carry (using a moderate load and carrying for 40 secs)

Plank (Bw @40 sec)

*Do this whole circuit for 5 rounds.If your heart rate and breathing gets too far out of control,slow down,drink some water,catch your breath and get back into the workout.

This is a big example of working aerobic base for a beginner.We have plenty of other workouts too that you can do.This can be done with a group too which can make fun and interactive .

7.Do some form of strength work. Exercises we use that we know give the best bang for your buck are exercises like squats,deadlifts,presses,pulling,carries,midline work,rotational work.

So here are a few examples for you.

Every 2.30 sec at 15mins (5 full sets )

-Back Squat/Goblet squat x 3-8 reps with moderate to heavy load

-Chin up/Ring row x 4-8 reps with a moderate to heavy load


Every 2.30 sec at 15mins

-Deadlift/Shoulder press  x 3-8 reps with moderate to heavy load

-Single arm press/Single arm row  x 4-8 reps with a moderate to heavy load

Overall this means you do the 2 exercises in the 2.30 time frame.

For the weight chosen you may need to look at going down the % based line but if your a pure beginner this really isn’t that important yet.First work on your mobility,and consistently get better at the movements and work on your aerobic base.As time goes on incorporate some strength work and allow me do the work for programming in the %,exercises,rest periods etc.I guess that’s my role.

8.Incorporate some form of interval training into your programming.This is the fun part.Sometimes the part the client thinks is the most important part,mostly because it can get you quite sweaty and can you leave you feeling like you have achieved a good workout.Believe it or not its the part of your session that doesn’t need to take priority if they are your goals above.

I’ve so many examples here

Heres a few.

15 KB swings

200m run

Time yourself.If it takes you 2 mins then rest for 2 mins and repeat this from 5-8 rounds


Calorie row

Push up


Aim to get this done sub 10 mins 12 calories on rower 12 push up 12 burpees then 9/9/9 and so.

Haven’t got any equipment?No worries

Go to your local park,find a hill and bring in some hill sprints.

Basic plan here would be

80 m hill sprint will take you 10-30 secs then rest 2-3 mins.Repeat this 10 times.

I could go on all day here about this style of training and could give you so much more.If you want more then get in touch and we will work together.

The goal here is to elevate your heart rate 160-180 BPM in short bursts then recover and go again for a couple of times.The most important thing here is to stay safe and never allow poor movement/bad technique take over.Sure when intensity comes into play technique may suffer a wee bit but should never get too crazy.

Hope all this information I have given above can help you out.This is exactly what i do with majority of my clients and I’ve left pretty much no stone unturned.

Want to know more about me then go read it all here  and check out what we do.

I work on a 1-1 basis with clients and also in a semi private setting in a 1 coach 3-max 4 client setting.We work from 2 facilities,both in South Dublin.De la salle sports centre,churchtown and my home gym in rathfarnham just off the grange road.

Personally I know this type of setting and style of service work  best  and all this info Im giving you from the nutrition to mobility to the training are all the methods I personally use and have trialed and tested over the years.

Here is my contact details and prices below.

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Call me 086-1927014

Email me Davidlastfitness@gmail.com








Thanks for reading



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