Best exercises to fix low back pain

Best exercises to fix low back pain

Low back pain effects us all at some stage in our lives.They say at least 80% of us have experienced this discomfort at some point in our lives.We have all been there from it effecting our quality of work at our jobs to how we go about physical activity like a round of golf or a trip to the gym to even something simply to going out with friends to dinner.It has shown its ugly head everywhere. It can pretty much effect both those who are sedentary to those who are physically active.The most common issue I have to deal with on a day to day basis is poor mobility and/or flexibility.Clients showing weak core,tight and inactive glutes,poor posture which really all leads to the result to the low back being overworked resulting in this area to flare up with pain over time.

Most clients that I see that suffer with low back issues have really got themselves to this places for a couple of reasons.


1.Doing far too much of the amount training and not listening to my body.This could be anything from cycling to and from work every day with poor posture,going to the gym doing some deadlifts when your piriformis and glutes are so tight not working correctly,or you just could have horrific weight training in the first place to sitting a desk far too long periods in their day to the opposite on their feet all day in excessive over extension.


2.Not spending enough or anytime working on glutes,midline and all out general mobility.Sometimes you need to realise that you need to stop doing the fancy looking training like all those kettbell swings or high intensity work and that you got to slow down to speed up, go work on the areas that really need work.So how do you know what needs work?I’ve mentioned that before in a previous article where you really should find out early doors from a trainer or even a online video on how to diagnose what areas in your body are tight,weak,inactivate and vulnerable to injury.This could be anything to glutes,shoulders,hip flexors,ankles,knees,wrists and so on.

This simple video below is a great example of different clients showing different areas they need to work on




3.Working on my fitness but not focusing on my dysfunction

You can’t put fitness on dysfunction.”  – Physical Therapist, Gray Cook 

So what does that mean?

As we age we all ingrain poor movement patterns and develop tight areas in our body.Tight ankles,hip flexors,rounded shoulders,inactive glutes,constant over extension,poor posture,tight low back,damn the list is endless.And if you do nothing about it and continue to work in the gym on your program and shy away from that weakness well over time this can lead to low back or other areas in your body with issues

When training at the gym spend as much time as you can working on the fundamentals.I guess that’s the problem with the fitness industry as a whole.No one wants the simple basic stuff,everyone wants the complex,high intensity stuff that makes them feel like its working.Sure that stuff is great,but not every day.Using tools like resistance bands,foam rollers,lacrosse balls and plenty of other mysofacial release drills and techniques to stay on top of it.

I myself suffer from low back issues every now and then but I stay on top of things 15 minutes a day,every day.

Here is my routine.

Video My own one this time 

Let me finish by saying Im not a trained physio nor any other specialist in the medical field. Im a trainer that sees clients with low back tightness/pain initially when they come in and I’ve found the mobility drills that I’ve given you here are useful to both myself and my clients.

Thanks for reading.


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