Fitness rant alert:Featuring #DavidLastFitness

Fitness rant alert:Featuring #DavidLastFitness

Small blog on #Mobility and a little bit #Ranting !

Couple you guys will notice I ramble on about this quite a lot and some of you are probably sick of it by now.However this is certainly here for good and not a fad.What is it?——> Article here for you

I like a little rant lately,I guess its because I just want people to know whats best for them and sometimes people don’t get the education they deserve to hear at their current facility.


I was listening to a wodcast podcast lately and something interesting came up.

Point was that look back 4-5 years ago and mobility in the fitness industry was pretty much unknown,uncool and little to nobody was practicing it(Damn anyone remember seeing their first ever foam roller?-That was funny,then the day came everyone just had to have one walking in the gym floor and was the thing to have under your wing-a thing to look cool)

Nowadays it seems to be the thing to hang out on before working out.out. I’ve seen guys rolling on these things for 30-40 mins which is crazy too.Sure I still use my foam roller but I will incorporate other methods along with it.


Back to my point,today mobility is definitely a buzz word and some people seem to be practicing it more often-which is good,some doing it right some not so good,but why is everyone doing it so much now?Are we all just so banged up with injury,possibly looking at athletes at the top and we are trying to adapt their fitness regime into ours,hammering lots of volume and intensity day in day out?

Perhaps over time its just caught up with us,the fitness industry sold us the intensity factor and we forget the basics?

Or we couldn’t wait to pass-by the basics and we went straight into the deep end because that’s where all the cool cats hang out-We all see it,everyone wants to kip before strict,i’m doing RX because L1 is for pussies,feck that not too many people want to improve the air squat daily we want the cool olympic lifts programmed for us after day 1-really?Some facilities and trainers will go ahead and program the stuff that really wont help you in the long term,and perhaps let you dictate with the fear of losing their you.

Yes its going on.Its basic human nature most of us will want this feeling but its the good coaches that should halt you back a wee bit and give you the dose you deserve-Mobility-Strength-Met-con in that order of importance too.

I know personally If i could turn back my athletic clock I would focus more on the important stuff and forget the met-con every single time and not just met-coning but competing in your class environment every single day. I’m a huge listener to the super strength show podcast and funny enough the producer asks the same question every episode to the well-know fitness guests and the same answer comes up which generally goes “I wish I listened to my body more and perhaps worked on my  limiting factors and incorporated more of the correct mobility work,slept more and ate better”

Fitness Industry Rant 

Whats bugging me lately is this

  • Get fit/ripped/shredded in 28 days-Sure just join for 28 days and day 29 you wake up and their you have it-Your ripped after 28 days.Oh and don’t worry no gym experience required all will looked after during the 4 week transformation ……really?You going to fall for these fitness marketing ads.Fitness is a life journey,not a 28 day journey. 

FullSizeRender (5)

  • Your training for at least 3 years now.Paying top price at a facility-probably working with the same 2 trainers too (they should know you inside out at this stage pretty much) Your mobility is so damn weak and is by far your limiting factor and your still wondering why your not getting any better,Unfort your trainers have not fully highlighted and programmed what you really need to fix first, Or perhaps they have so many times and your not doing anything about it.If your not really sure where you stand on movement or mobility just take this test now.Or Get in touch with me and ill be happy to give it to you for FREE
  • 4-6 sessions fundamental course prior you enter the “mainstream class”- Yup all it takes now is 4-6 sessions and you have passed the test and move on up in with the cool gang doing the fancy stuff,for 90% of you this is wrong and your always going to be a fundamental-er.IMO your really always going to be working on the basics and constantly improving them.”The wider the base the taller the pyramid” Julian pineau @StrongFit


  • Bootcamps-With the fine weather we are having I’ve noticed so many people attending large boot-camps,unfort majority of these will look the same-little to no plan and all generally doing crazy high heart-rate workouts for at least 30-50 mins and people generally doing “stuff “they don’t need,generally done with horrific movement quality-SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP. Bootcamps have a place don’t get me wrong here but please for the love of god find the right one and ask yourself do I actually need all these jumping jacks/burpees/squat jumps x 987789000 reps. Article i did here for you on what you really should be doing
  • “So is this the workout part?”You have finished your mobility and strength phase in your session and then you come alive and in comes the question to the trainer.“So is the workout now”…Yup this part is probably the least most important part for you.Some people will hold back for the met-con and then decide to work hard-only codding yourself here,the work should have really been done in the strength/assistance portion.Dont get me wrong there is a time and place for the conditioning portion too but not every single session
  • New born coaching egos From fresh off the shelves trainers ready to take on the world and coach people straight off the bat after their fast -track or weekend L1 courseSure we all got to start somewhere but please be humble,work your way up,find a mentor,intern and continually learn your trade after,read books,blog,listen to podcasts,practice what you preach,stay humble,put in the hours,have an opinion.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this small piece,I’m off to go chill with 2 little boxers we got during the week

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Thanks for reading,



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