Choose the right one

Choose the right one

What I’m covering here is the topic of fitness instructors,personal trainers,gyms,coaches,trainers and so on.

Since starting my journey in this industry in 2007 I’ve had the opportunity to meet great trainers in the industry,shadowed some top quality sessions, visited a hell of a lot of gyms.

In Ireland today we have a trainer/gym on practically every street corner.It seems as though everybody wants in.The truth is anybody can get in and its a industry that is hugely flooded at the moment and also a line of work that sadly isn’t very regulated.

Some of the training establishments out there are literally built to make money-I’ve sat some of them too in the past,believe it or not you can sit a 2 day weekend course and come Monday you can open your gym and teach some of the complex movements to your clients that have come to you-I guess that’s the biggest problem with CrossFit for instance.

1 I like CrossFit principles

2.I’ve sat the course( 2 day weekend seminar,pay your 1000 dollars,pass your test and your in)

3.Ive done my mentorship in a box in America

4.My problem is that its too easy to pay your 1000 dollars,sit your weekend course and get straight into teaching complex movements such as the snatch in some gyms.

5.Thats a problem.

I’ve huge passion and respect for this industry as a whole but some days I can get quite angered on what I come across.Over time I’m learning to filter out the madness I come across.

This may sound cocky and ignorant but I’m going to say it.Since going out myself and seeing what other trainers are doing its only re-assured me more on that what I’m doing is of excellent quality.I put this down to constantly working hard and refining my craft all the time.

I’ve witnessed great,good,average,bad and REALLY bad gyms,coaching/PT sessions.Ireland has some amazing coaches/trainers today along with some pretty poor ones too,but that’s in every type of industry right?

However lets get the basics right here,the general public should know the basics by now.Your paying good money and investing in your health and fitness and perhaps considering working with a coach,trainer or even joining a small group training gym.

PT is on average 50-80 euro these days a session,but then I thought to myself perhaps the client doesn’t know whats good or whats bad?

So let me nail the basics here….

Who are you going to go for?

Are you going to fall for a Facebook/Instagram ad?

Are you going to go for the trainer that has abs popping out of his business poster?

Perhaps word of mouth from a friend?

Going for the cheaper option?

Or maybe even go for the more expensive trainer cos he must be better than the cheap guy around the corner?

Then you may fall for the franchise option?Surely every CrossFit gym out there is of the same quality just because of the name?

Decisions decisions…..

Well here In my opinion is what you should expect when working with a good PT/coach/trainer/instructor.

Once you gotten over the initial stages of booking in,going through the consultation phase here are the basics that need to be instilled.

  • Nutrition/Lifestyle scanned,broken down and guided towards the right direction.Everything from macros to sleep to what you should be trying to do outside the gym need to be brought up here.This should all be set in stone early doors and will set you up for a successful road with your trainer.Need any advice on Nutrition then you can get my article I did with the journal that has plenty of tips and advice HERE
  • Training program What the client really needs is a clearly defined structure.We all need mobility/stability work that’s a given,however some clients need work on their mobility,aerobic base,some on general strength or perhaps some need work on hypertrophy goals.Every client/goal is different so what they need they should get.Too many trainers out there are now going down the road of giving the client the same style of training that works best for them personally as a coach when they train.This wont work-period.
  • Over delivering I like to make or buy little treats e.g. foods or drinks, that i give for free to clients because I value them  i.e. here’s a free protein ball or heres a colouring book for you as a I feel it will help you at with your stress levels and help you unwind and switch off.

piclab (15)

  • Look the damn part Please,for the love of god don’t find yourself with a trainer that needs a trainer.They really should look the part some shape or form and live the lifestyle they preach.They should really be able to demo the movements your trying to perform and generally be in half decent shape. Dont be that person who bumps into there trainer every weekend in Coppers-Believe it I have heard trainers mention” ill see you at coppers over the weekend “


  • Education A trainer that educates you along  the way with your sessions is one you need to keep.They should tell you why your doing this session and how you should approach it best.Most of the good guys/girls out there have all followed a program for a while and have tried and tested in the past so will know their programs inside out.If more and more people where educated on how to train it would make the environment a whole lot easier.
  • Variety yet effective Training program with constant variation will never get bored.A good trainer will know how to keep the sessions fun,varied but more importantly effective!CrossFit does a super job of keeping it varied but in some gyms perhaps that session on that day is not whats needed for that individual
  • Get results + measure – Trainer should take body fat tests regularly, use test metcons and if you ain’t assessing then your guessing. Always make sure your testing and measuring your fitness.
  • Content Some of the best trainers out there can be powerful people to be around.They can make you feel good about yourself when your surrounded by them.These guys live and breathe the industry,they tend to be quite passionate about their “job” and over time will stand out from the crowd.Never make a common mistake of judging  the trainer on his/her credentials, what courses etc they have sat-Personally I have learnt more from my mentorship experiences that most of the courses I’ve sat in the past-Go check out content they pump out

Have they a blog with good backed up content?

Are they practicing what they preach?

Show me results they have gotten?

Are they going after and  putting in their 10,000 hours?

Hope all this info has above has helped you out.

Need any more advice with your health,fitness and lifestyle.

Drop me a line any time and I will gladly help



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