Best places to bring your fitness outdoors

Best places to bring your fitness outdoors

The past few weeks we are starting to come across small glimpses of summer.Its getting brighter in the early mornings but damn me it seems to be getting colder so I’ve kept the under armors tights on for a little bit longer!

Anyway you have started a new early morning training regime and your not sure what type of training or what to eat before or after your session at that hour of the day?I wrote about that here  in my last  article.

I’ve always been a huge fan of bringing your training outdoors and the last few sessions I’ve gotten outside myself with some clients to do a training session keeping it varied,fun and effective.

You will be surprised whats out there and what you can do.Like I continue to say,you dont need the fanciest of equipment for a effective workout.

Check out 2 clients of mine Dan and Ger or “The Danger squad” they like to call themseleves doing a workout with a tyre we have out the back of our gym

That particular workout consisted of tyre flips,push ups,single arm rows with a kettlebell and a 100m run.We did 5 rounds in total and took roughly 10 minutes.

Here is a couple of other venues and workouts for you to try.

Marlay Park is a great park in Rathfarnham South Dublin

Plenty of good hidden trail runs along with some half decent equipment for workouts.They also have a free 5k timed park run every Saturday morning at 9.30am

I’ve done plenty of them,great way to start your weekend-more info for you HERE on that

The park is dotted with fitness equipment too.Some of the stuff isn’t the best yet some of it is super and highly effective.

I found this station right beside the Gaa club Ballinteer St Johns and did a great workout here.


Can do plenty of workouts here,and some of the most effective workouts are the ones with little to no equipment.

Workout 1

20 min clock run 400-600m,4 chin ups,6 T2B (or sit ups) 8 push ups,10 air squats

Not quite sure how its meant to look go check out the video of me doing it right below

Workout 2

Found another cool station hidden in the trees just 400m to the left once you enter the three rock hockey gate entrance at Marley park

7 dips,10 knee raises,7 push ups,run 300 m aim for about 8-10 rounds here should take roughly 30 mins in total

Here is a short clip below of me doing it.

Its not just Marley park that have basic equipment like this.Most parks  dotted around Ireland now have workout equipment like this so hope one or two of these workouts can help you out

Workout 3

Headed up to knocksink woods in Wicklow.

Knocksink wood is about a 5-10 min drive out beyond stepaside.Great place to bring the kids and dog too that has a cool trail to run along too with a couple of beams across a bridge that worked out perfect for pull ups.

Check out the pull up bars below.Most of the time you can find bars like this in all parks.

FullSizeRender (1)

Workout was 5 pull ups,10 push ups 15 air squats and a 300m run

Went for 6 rounds took me about 35 mins-Great workout and no equipment needed at all.

Or here is another workout I did up there

Workout 4

Bushy park this time around on a sunny tuesday night.A very famous park for most runners and a great place to spend some time on a sunny evening.

Lots of people want to be able to run a 5k-10k with good technique right?

Really good group of people here in bushy every tues/thur eves doing interval sessions

Go check them out here

Workout 5

St endas park is another favorite venue.I spend many a session here with clients.We use the 80m elevated hill that is just inside the back gate at taylors lane road.Perfect place to do hill sprints and interval sessions.

Heres a snap of my clients doing a workout.


That day we did 6 rounds.

15 KB swings + 80m hill sprint @100% effort followed by a 2-3 min rest

Super workout for fat loss,increasing speed and maintaining strength.

Another great workout here would be

8-12 100% all out effort sprint up hill with a 90 second-2min rest after each sprint.





Some other really cools places around Dublin are ticknock woods and the phoenix park (You can rent bikes at both venues and both have amazing trails,Masseys woods Rathfarnham and Barnaslingan forest just out beyond stepaside.All these places are superb on sunny days for trail walking and running.I would go up to these places at least once a week and always feel great after hitting up a running session in any of these places.

Hope these workouts help.

Need any more advice just ask.



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