How well are you doing it?

Let me start by saying if your looking to improve your strength, enhance your movement/mobility and generally just increase your fitness/health then this is the article for you.

So your training has been going pretty ok the last while. Your feeling relatively “fit”, you hit the group workout 3-5 times a week, sweat buckets, working your ass off but you start to wonder are you getting that much better? You start to question things.


This is a quote I tend to use with all my new comer clients before we start to measure things like body composition, mobility/flexibility, or looking at your basic movements like squatting or bodyweight exercises such as push ups/pull ups.

90% of my clients want to look better, feel fitter, move better and generally just live a healthier life. If this sounds like a goal of yours too then I know using the checklist below is something that will work best for you.

Lets start at assessing your mobility. You seen that test I had in my last article so go check that out first and see where you need work.(Or maybe you can link it up again or link the whole article)

Asses your movement and set some benchmarks. Can you do a full range body weight squat? Have you got a chin/pull up, or perhaps even a proper push up? If you don’t have any, this is really not a problem initially but at least we are taking note at the start so when we go back to test the same movement 6-8 weeks later we can see the progress. Most clients I get coming in from bootcamp backgrounds walk in with a fairly strong conditioning/fitness base but they still fall down when it comes to showing me basic movements or being able to do a full push up/pull up. Most come in with having no notion of what mobility even is and have been doing basic movements like squats/deadlifts with horrific form. I don’t blame them for this as I’ve said before the fitness industry sells INTENSITY and YOUTH and doesn’t really educate clients on the best way to go about things. Sometimes you just got to slow down to speed up.You might just need to go over and learn the mechancis again and get consistenly better at them before you start ramping up the intensity again.If your squat is looking something like this kid below then we are doing well but most of the time we need to go work on basic mobility drills to get back to sitting in a basic squat


Evaluate your body composition/weight. The number on the scales really isn’t the be all and end all its the % or mm of bodyfat your body is holding onto. Find a good trainer that will use something like a harpenden callipers to measure you every 6 weeks. Brining in strength and hypertrophy style training along with some interval based,odd bit of aerobic base work is what really will help improve your composition/performance in the gym along with of course a good 80/20 approach to nutrition.

Address your nutrition We have already addressed this 80/20 approach in my previous article(Can you link up my nutrition article here perhaps) You may not have as much time as you’d like to exercise every week but you must choose daily what you put in your mouth. If your primary goal is to drop body fat/improve performance/enhance your lifestyle/mindset/health then addressing your diet is a complete no brainer as you simply can’t out-train a bad diet.Focus on high quality foods, track and record calories even for a short while so you learn what you’re ACTUALLY consuming.

Find the right path that is going to encourage and motivate you  through the following steps I’ve mentioned above. This can be anything from working with a good personal trainer on a 1-1 basis that is going to hold and keep you accountable to perhaps even investing in joining a semi private small group training environment.The choice nowadays is endless on where to join and we have talked about this before in a previous article (CAN YOU TAG THE ARTICLE I DID ON “DONT LET THE WRONG GYM DERAIL THE RIGHT INTENTIONS”

Next week I will go over and discuss the all the benefits of going down the semi private small group training route.

Thanks for reading and hope all this information is helping you along your health and fitness journey.




















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