Easter chocolate snacks for the fitness readers

So lets face it.We all like a bit of chocolate around this time of the year and perhaps some of you have even given it up for lent and cant wait for the day to come around so you can have a nibble again.

Instead of me writing about the benefits of mobility or even strength training this week I’ve decided to total change it up and give you perhaps the best chocolate “paleo” energy bar recipe along with a pretty simple recipe for vanilla and chocolate protein balls .

No doubt you will start to across all these types of treats and healthy snacks in most of Dublin’s trendy and new cafe shops.I can safely say these snacks do go really well with coffee but what I have noticed is the price of these snacks. Ive seen paleo balls or energy bars being priced at 2-4Eur per item.This recipe below will make you a batch for the week ahead and will cost you a fraction of the price.

So here we go,

Lets start with the paleo bars




  • 200g mixed nuts (I used a mixed bag of walnuts, cashew nuts and hazelnuts)
  • 1 bag of desiccated Coconut (150-200g)
  • 1 tea spoon vanilla extract
  • 100-150g of dark choc (I went with 85% but anything between 70-90% works)
  • 200g of coconut oil (yes coconut oil, love the stuff and you should use it a lot)
  • 2-3 spoons of my favorite meridian nut butter (cashew or almond)
  • Handful of dried fruit (used raisins and mango this time)


  • Blend mixed nuts, handful of dried fruit and desicated coconut together (I used my nutri bullet)
  • Add 200g of coconut oil and 2-3 spoons of nut butter to a heated pot and stir slowly on slow heat
  • Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to same pot and stir
  • Add the blended mixture of nuts and coconut to the same pot,stir on low heat
  • Heat 100-150g of 75-85% dark choc into a separate pot
  • Apply all the ingredients from the main pot to dark choc and mix together
  • Coat a small amount of coconut oil onto baking tray and apply the chocolaty mixture onto tray
  • Leave in fridge for 2 hours

Below you will notice the slab of chocolate.I jazzed it all up by coating it with the remainder of desiccated coconut and added chopped strawberry’s and blueberrys


And time for those vanilla and chocolate protein balls



  • 220/250ml can of coconut milk/cream
  • 350-380g desiccated coconut
  • 120g of whey vanilla protein powder.(4 scoops)
  • 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence
  • 60g-100g of 70-85% dark chocolate


  • Open can of coconut milk/cream,empty contents to bowl and whisk
  • Add 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence and mix
  • Add 4 scoops of vanilla protein to same bowl and whisk until smooth texture
  • Add all the desiccated coconut to same bowl and whisk until substance becomes thick (Add more protein or coconut here if needed)
  • When mixture is solid enough form 8-12 vanilla balls leaving half of contents in bowl
  • Pop balls into fridge for 1 hour and allow to harden up
  • Coat each vanilla ball with more desicated coconut then pop back into fridge to remain firm
  • Heat dark chocolate
  • Add remaining mixture with heated dark chocolate and allow to cool for 5 mins
  • When mixture has cooled form 8-12 dark chocolate balls then pop into fridge to cool and firm
  • 1 hour later coat each chocolate ball with some more coconut flakes then pop into fridge for 1 hour and allow to harden up

piclab (15)



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