2015 was a big year for you,New years resolution was to improve your health and fitness and attend the gym at least 3 times per week. You’ve stuck to the plan but you feel your getting nowhere. I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 2008.During this time I’ve worked as a trainer in some of the busiest gyms around Dublin,and many other parts of the world recently returning from Florida and no matter where i go i still get asked the same question by the regular gym user “WHY AM I NOT GETTING RESULTS”

  1. Incorrect training path Your too busy doing the wrong stuff in the gym,But perhaps that’s not your Fault?Most of us join the gym for performance/Health/Goal reasons so shouldn’t we be entitled to be guided into the right direction?Instead most of us will pay our membership,Get the free Induction and mess around with the same program that will eventually bore you to death…So much for your goal?.Figure out what your Goal is and find an experienced trainer for guidance.
  2.  Your nutrition is BAD 70% Nutrition 30 % Training.You spend 1 hour max at the gym but it’s what you do with the other 23 hours that really counts.Never skip breakfast,eat little and often,Your day should consist of meat/fish,plenty of vegetables (Mostly Green/Leafy) good sources of healthy fat (avocado,nuts,seeds,oily fish,coconut oil)some fruit, avoid most starch and keep clear from sugar and general processed junk. Supplementation is something i also suggest,Fish oils ,Probiotic,and a good Whey Protein Source are some to recommend.If your goal is weight loss its going to be important at looking at the amount of carbohydrate going into your system on a daily basis.No more than 100g of carbs is going to be the target some days.
  3. Too much conditioning not enough weight training Stop hammering the same spin class/bootcamp day in and day out.At the start this would have been good for the body and yea i guess you may feel “fitter” but you may not be changing you body composition,as time goes on your basically just wasting your time.1-2 Spin classes is acceptable every month,but I’m sorry a spin a day just wont cut it.Find a trainer,Tell him your goal,start varying your workouts which should include plenty of strength training,mobility work and some conditioning workouts.
  4. Recover more and work on Mobility Sleep,Yes sleep is important and this can affect everything from your mood,your food prep,work quality,mood and overall goal,ensure 8 hours a night and prior to going to sleep stay clear from all LED light,I phones,laptops,Get the reading book out and unwind for your last hour of your day.Foam Roll Pre and post workouts,This is another great tool which will enhance recovery,decrease muscle soreness and in general keep you supple and on track for another good training session.Taking a Day Off from the gym can be crucial as well,people now a days feel they need to be hitting the gym hard every day,what i recommend to an active gym user and most of my own clients would be 2/3 days on, 1 day off ,1/2 days on 1 day off ,And again remember vary these sessions as much as possible with a strength day,conditioning day,long slow distance,mobility day etc.
  5. Drink more water The importance of water cannot be overstated,minimum 2 and a half litres a day is what i recommend 3-4 litres is even better.A massive 60% of our body is made up of water,But throughout the day we are loosing water through urination sweating and breathing.So this is why it is crucial to replenish fluid loss especially for people who are quite active in there day.Water can also do many other wonders such as help control calories,helps energize muscles,helps keep skin looking good.

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