3 tips on Looking and Feeling better

“I just want to tone up and loose some weight,I train most of the week and i am still not getting the results”

I hear this all the time as a trainer,First of all its great that the client has a Goal in mind but the client needs to be aware of how to achieve these goals.Possible its down to how we educate the client on what really works.My experience from working in the commercial gym is that we don’t necessary educate the client on what to really do and instead we encourage them to hit as many spin classes as possible within a week and try to sell them as much supplements as possible on the way out.

But i guess thats how the commercial gym works,Most of the time they just want numbers in Classes. Quantity over Quality.

So what i will do is put together a short list on what you REALLY should be focusing on.

1.Sort out your Nutrition.

You cant out-train a bad Nutrition Lifestyle.Majority of the time you don’t get a good breakfast,Drink too much Coffee,Use caffeine and sugar to help you power through the day,Your Daily food intake is consisted of Wheat and Gluten based products,Sandwich/rolls/wraps at lunch,then pasta/rices with some form of processed meat for dinner then come 9pm you are heading towards the kettle to stick that coffee or tea and out come the biscuits.Sadly most of us will follow this trend.

So what to do?

-Quit the Junk

-Drink Water

-Avoid Wheat based,Gluten and excessive amounts of sugar products

-Introduce healthy Fat and Protein sources into your diet coconut oil,avocado,Nuts,seeds,Fresh Local fish and meats.

Its basic stuff we all know more or less what is good and what is bad.

2.Work on your Mobility

Mobility?What is that you ask?

“Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily”

Sleeping in bed for 8 hours,Driving to work,Sitting down at a desk,Sitting down at lunch,Driving Home from work,Sitting down to dinner watching Tv

Yes look how often we are sitting down,Unfortunate this is the era we live in now and people neglect Moving,standing,exercising.The more we sit down more inactive our glutes become and the more weaker and tighter our hip flexors become.This over long term increases back pain and basically inhibits us to not being able to move like we were to designed to.Ever look at a baby squat?Compare that to yourself.

Working on strong Mobility will over the long run improve your Range of motion,which over turn help you to increase strength,Feel better, Look and move better.

Here is a simple exercises to perform  http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/08/05/undo-the-damage-of-sitting/

3.Start lifting some weights and working on your strength

Ditch the spin class (Cardio) and start some weight training.

Believe it or not your body will thank you and you will start to feel and look better.

And no you wont walk out the door looking like a Body builder.

Ideally work on the better exercises that will give you more bang for your buck,Such as Push Ups,Pull Ups,Deadlifts,Squats,Planks,Presses.Need Help with this,Please Drop me a line. https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Last-Fitness/1394850357472596

Many people out there are weight training but are they doing the right stuff?

This is a great Short video From Strength Coach Mike Boyle

Take a Look http://www.boston.com/health/2014/08/11/hit-list-exercises-everybody-should/pra77PfIuJJZbbB4uUJVhJ/story.html


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