If your going to do it then surely you are going to go about it the right way and relative to your goal.

But what is a good approach?

Over the past 3 weeks I’ve created a numerous amount of videos to help you out with a couple of your movements in your gym program.These drills are the basics and nothing really too complicated.Yet a lot of the time I see these movements done incorrect purely down to 2 reasons.

1.You aren’t or haven’t been taught or guided right initially. 


2.You didn’t dial the basics in long enough and wanted to move onto the more complex stuff straight away.

However,believe it or not LESS is MORE most of the time and all of these exercises are the ones that will give you the biggest bang for your buck,allow you to build a good solid foundation and will enable you to build on from there once you get consistent and stronger at them.

Movements like a basic squat,push or pull up are things you should be looking to work towards getting right and eventually building on from there. Other areas like basic flexibility/mobility standards like being able to touch your toes while in a seated floor position or be able to get into a basic couch or pigeon stretch to even something simple as performing shoulder dislocates correctly are all standards I like to see ticked off or working on before going anywhere else.



Time and time again all I am seeing now is people doing movement after movement not spending enough time working on basic technique and looking to dive straight into increased intensity and all with pretty poor technique.Over time all this is going to lead to risk of injury or burnout.

Sometimes you got to slow down to speed up and this is where you need to stop rating how good your workout was by how sore you are the next day or how much you sweated in that workout.What you really need to do is work on your mobility more,find out what areas you need work on,build some strength and every now and then get your heart rate up

The right approach is this and something I do with any client I work with from the start.

1.Get a mobility screening done and find out what areas in your body need attention before starting to bring in increased movement,load and intensity.This could be anything like tight hamstrings,tight and inactive glutes,stiff low back,or even tight ankles.The list goes on.Any good trainer should do this in the early stages and if there not I would advise you to move on and find someone who is going to properly assess you first.

2.Work and learn the basic movements Build a good foundation focusing on your strength.Mechanics (or technique),consistency following then by intensity should be the 3 step process here.Meaning work on basic bodyweight movements,learn the best technique and scale/level you should be working on before moving onto the next progression. Unfortunately I see people jumping ship early and diving into more of the complex movements that their body isn’t ready for.This is only going to lead to a risk of injury down the line.A lot of the time I am seeing people get stuck into movements such as kettlebell swings,olympic lifting with pretty poor technique and they should have done far more work at the start working on their mobility and mastering basic movements first.Below I include a great selection of videos covering how your warm up should look like,how your squat can improve,how to get better at push ups and finding the right scale/level for your pulls ups finishing off with Kettlebell swing tips.


What your squat should look like starting off

How to get better at push ups

How to scale your pull up for your level

Kettlebell swings

Hope all this info above has helped you out and if you need any more advise just pop me a message.If you enjoyed this content you can see more from other social media pages here below

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20 fitness learning curves experiences

20 fitness learning curves experiences

I’ve been about sport,health and fitness since day 1 kicking and chasing a ball around the family home as a bambino. The footie days are over but I am still very grateful to have gotten all the opportunities I had and the way it has shaped me as a person.The gym was always a place I felt was quite an important part of my sporting upbringing and straight away took a liking to it. I’ve been about 100s of gym floors since the age of 16 and then entering it as a place of work since ending my days at UCD in 2008 after a very short 6 month stint in the Monday to Friday financial world.

My dad used to always tell me experience was important and how having older experienced players in your football team was a real bonus.I never bought into it.I always felt young players were far better to have in your team.I now look back on days like that and see how he really was right.They say as you get older you get wiser and you start to look at things differently and maybe even look back on things that you wished you done differently.

Damn I’ve a few.

I don’t look at these as failures.Its life,we all go through this process.

Here are a couple of things around sport,health and fitness that I now look at towards a different angle.

  • Fitness doesn’t always mean being around weights,trying to achieve 6 pac abs,eating chicken and broccoli,hammering yourself every day chasing new times to even competing with yourself all the time.Its a whole broader picture and is something that can actually really help everybody.
  • It should never be a chore.If it is then you got to jump ship and move on.
  • Sometimes you’ve got to slow down to speed up.
  • Less is actually more and quality  beats quantity all day long.
  • Mobility,yoga,meditation and practicing gratitude do actually have an important role in life and fitness.
  • Cherish the health you have right now.It may not always be around.
  • Sometimes you really just got to listen to your body.
  • Consistent hard/smart work overcoming adversity beats talent in the long run.
  • You won’t see the fruits of your labor until down the road when you least expect it.
  • Pull the trigger NOW and quit talking about it and making sure everything has to be perfect or “ready” before you start.There never is a perfect time,place or moment.
  • Its actually good to FAIL and a lot too!
  • Obstacles,challenges and failures are not negative.Its not what happens its how you react that matters the most.
  • Cheap gets you cheap.You pay far more in the long run.
  • Value your time more and quit being a YES person.You really cant please everybody.
  • You have got to invest in yourself.
  • CrossFit,bodybuilding,bootcamps,zumba,TRX,spinning,MMA,circuits,running,biking are all good but there could be smarter options out there for you.
  • Bicep curls actually do have a role to play🙂
  • Reach out,listen and actually take advice from people who are 20 years ahead of you.
  • You can loose 10 stone in a year and the goodness you see that comes from that is priceless.
  • Sometimes the people you meet in life that you expect the least from can be the ones that surprise you the most

Thanks for reading and hope some of this might just help you out.






42 article


I’ve mentioned before in a previous article on how bringing your fitness outdoors can be of a huge benefit to you both physically and mentally.Sure the gym floor is a good place to spend some time but every now and then I like to recommend people to actually get outside and use their fitness elsewhere.Sadly the summer has been and gone and we now approach the winter months ahead but this should not put you off from getting out and keeping active.Over the past few weeks I’ve checked out various different locations and activities that are on offer.Whether your a road runner,biker,trail runner,hill walker,active outdoor enthusiastic or even a adrenaline junkie I feel I’ve got you covered with some ideas here.

I generally try and bring my fitness outside at least twice a week mostly hitting a trail run or a Sunday morning hike.The options on locations here are endless.At this stage most of us all know about the popular outdoor locations that can be done dotted around Ireland like a hike up Croagh Patrick,a hill walk along the famous sleepers at the spinc in Glendalough,a run along Dublin’s busy canal to a swim in the forty foot or maybe even a climb up the sugar loaf.Here are a couple of different venues that you may not know about and that cater very well for all parties.

Nestled in the foothills of the Dublin mountains,Ticknock really is a very popular destination for a lot of people at the weekends.This area that has some remarkable views overlooking the city caters for people looking for designated hill walks,separate bike trails and trails too for the runner who likes to explore.

Normally I go up here to run but recently I decided to change it up and took on the challenge of a mountain bike ride through the various different trails on offer.I rented a bike from the biking company Biking.ie and must say it was a super 3 hours.I was quite hesitant about trying at first as really thought these trails up here where for the pros!To be honest it really caters for everyone and the guys at biking.ie looked after me really well.The area you ride are purpose-built singletrack trails and forest roads that are designated for use by mountain bikes on a waymarked circular route of 8km in length.  The trails take the rider through beautiful forest with fantastic views over Dublin City and the Wicklow Mountains beyond.  Forest road climbs lead you into tight twisty singletrack with loads of fast descents, ups and downs, tight turns and technical rocky bits, guaranteed to leave you smiling! All info on bike rental,pricing and trails can be found at their site below



A short distance away you will find Zipit forest adventures located in Tibradden forest which again is on the foothills of the Dublin mountains.This time I decided to totally change it up and get after my adrenaline side of things and test out my fitness,mental strength along with upper body strength. Zipit is Ireland’s first high-wire aerial forest adventure. This type of activity is for the outdoor person who’s into their fitness and enjoys some adrenaline.There are five different circuits, with each circuit getting a little bit more challenging than the previous one but you probably won’t even notice this as you move along, activity by activity. Be prepared for up to 4 hours of adrenaline-fueled fun as each activity builds your confidence.They also have 2 other locations outside of Dublin and you can find all the other info you need at their web site here below.



Another really good day out was my day spent at “The Wall”.The Wall,located in Sandyford is Dublin’s best and biggest bouldering wall gym with over 1000 square metres of climbing surface and a wide range of angles and features.It was great to test out my upper body strength here while having some fun with friends and the staff looking after us.Really cool activity I would recommend to anyone.All the info you need to know can be found on their site beneath.


There are so many options and locations to look at now when deciding to go for a trail run.Glendalough,Ticknock,Masseys wood,Knocksink wood are all great places I like to check out for some great trails.


Along with that I always find the parkrun a great way to start your weekend. Parkrun is a series of 5k runs held on Saturday mornings in areas of open space around Ireland.I believe there are now over 50 parkrun locations dotted around Ireland now.My favorite is my local,Marlay park and its always great to see so many people attend every Saturday morning. They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.


Hope you found some of these ideas useful and you can find time to give one or two of them a try.If you know of any other great outdoor activities that you feel will give some ideas to the readers would love if you commented below.

Thanks for reading.




Summer travel gym equipment

The summer months have kicked in, the sun is shining and you want to keep active. In a previous article I have given you some workouts for you to try outdoors and hope they went well for you.


In this article I will include some of the best equipment out there for people who are on the road, away on their summer holidays or people who just want to train outdoors with little to no equipment.

When going abroad to the sunshine on your holidays I like to encourage my clients to spend as much time outdoors doing workouts with little to no equipment or even doing some swimmimg,cycling,running and so on. Enjoying your holiday with good food and drink, switching off,reading, taking in some sun by the pool and overall spending  good quality time with family and friends should be your priority but still allow some time on your health and fitness. Some of you readers spend enough time training indoors during the winter months in the gym, now is the time to get outside and use your fitness while getting in some vitamin D.

Below are some great pieces of equipment you can use while away from the gym floor. All the equipment mentioned here are easy to carry around and pack away into a bag, don’t cost that much and are highly effective tools to give you a good workout.

TRX suspension trainertrx-home-training-photo2.png

A super tool that fits very handy into your bag. It comes in a small netted bag that you could easily cram into a backpack, and is lightweight. You can simply hook the TRX up in any door frame, tree, or railing and you’re good to go. Great piece of equipment that can be used for all fitness levels and can literally train any body part with it from upper body to lower body to a challenging core workout.Squats,pistols,rows,presses,planks,holds you name it most drills can be done using this piece of equipment.

There are so many workouts out there now online.Here is a video below showing you 50 exercises using the TRX.

Resistance bands


Another great tool to have in and don’t cost that much at all.So many options here on what to use bands here for. From warm up drills to mobility exercises even to assisting you with some pull ups the resistance band is something to throw into the bag. They come in varying degrees of tension (resistance).

Here are a handful of great drills you can use.

Banded pull aparts.

Super upper body pulling exercise excellent for improving posture,increasing shoulder health and overall a general good exercise to incorporate into your exercise routine.


X-Band walks

Another great lower body exercise that will activate your glutes and is a good prep for you before you squat or deadlift.Great drill to bring into your warm up

Pall of press

Super midline core exercise where all you need is a band tied around a poll.Keeping tension in the band,core tight and sending band out and straight while holding out in front for a couple of seconds and then returning to start position.

Bodyweight drills

Bands are also great for assisting with chin ups/pull ups and push ups and for the person looking for more of a challenge they can be ideal for making your push ups more tougher like the video below.

Jump rope


Slip one of these into your suitcase and you’ll have an intense cardio workout wherever you go. Jump ropes are great for circuit training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  Not only will you give your cardiovascular system a run (or jump) for its money, but jumping rope is great for improving coordination


green-valslide-product-500x500 (1)

Another great and super portable tool that can be thrown into the travel bag.Perform exercises with these gliding tools under your palms, knees, or feet, you can work an area from every angle—a basic lunge,mountain climber,seal drags,push ups with a knee tuck.

Client of mine here using the valslides here with a push up and seal drag combo

Along with these tools above I also suggest staying on top of your mobility and flexibility drills.Stretch daily,do some yoga and even use the bands to assist you with some mobility exercises.Have a mini foam roller/lacrosse ball with you to stay on top of things keeping your body loose and injury free.


Hope this info can help you out.

Thanks for reading and sharing it on.


Last week we seen the amount of interest and attention mental health now has in Ireland. The event “Darkness into light” was held in venues dotted all around Ireland and was really encouraging to see figures of 120,000 + people getting active taking part and raising awareness. Along with that the month of May is the month of the green ribbon-a campaign set out to encourage everyone in Ireland to wear a ribbon and start a national conversation about mental health. We really all are touched to someone close who has been affected by this at some point in their lives or possibly you’re reading this article and are currently fighting your own battle.


First of all you might be asking why this is in a fitness column.

I would regard physical fitness very important for sure but how you train and look after your mind,wellness and body is just as important and really is all linked together.

Fitness to me isn’t always about lifting weights,running,or even going under the bar to hit a heavy squat. Spending time on your wellness and mindset is something I would always encourage everybody to incorporate into their fitness routine quite often. A term I use a lot with be “You got to slow down to speed up” sometimes.

As a personal trainer I have gotten to see the huge benefit exercise can bring to people looking after their mental health,improve their mindset to better their wellness.

There are plenty of different reasons why many struggle with their mental health .I am not here to tell you the cause or why, as I don’t know  but what I do know there are a certain few ways that may just help you that have helped out clients I work with.

First of all let me start by saying there is such great help out there today for anyone fighting their battle with mental health.

Pieta house and Aware and the Green Ribbon  are some fantastic organisations who do so much providing help and assistance to people and families affected. Its also really nice to see people like Bressie or most recently the viral video we all seen from Dublin man Doug Leddin below come out and talk about his battle and how they deal with it.


Couple of tips here on how to improve your wellness,body and mindset.

1.Get active and outdoors

Ireland has so many outdoor trails,parks,hills,rivers and in general lots of places to go out,get fresh air and unwind.Last week I gave the readers some outdoor venues and workouts for you to try with little to no equipment


Head out with friends for social gatherings like golf outings, out for a ride on your bike,meet ups for coffee or even heading out for walks are simple things that will really help recharge the batteries and in general keep you happy.Yoga and meditation is also anther great outlet to bring into your daily exercise routine.I would encourage at least 1 yoga session a week.Slow down,breathe,stretch,and mediate


Mediation app I have used in the past is called Headspace. All you need is 10 minutes a day for 10 days.The free 10 day trial is linked below.


2.Keep moving forward 1% better every day.

List down 3 things every night that YOU are going to work on the next day. This should be a SMALL step but this daily consistent small step of action will lead you to the BIG goal. It could be a goal working towards your fitness, health, anything.

Working on visualisation and having a goal/vision board is another way of keeping focused and on track which I’ve also used in the past myself and with friends and clients.This could be a vision to run a marathon this year,loose some weight,being able to spend time giving lots of energy to play with your kids or even sticking up a picture on your wall in your glory sporting days you were really active and healthy and want to return to some day


I have also found that working on gratitude and appreciation is another protocol I would also encourage.Start your day with listing 3 things you are grateful to have in your life.Being grateful for your health,your fitness,your previous sporting accomplishments,the people around you motivating and encouraging to the food on your plate is something I believe is also great for your body and mind

I have used this Five minute journal below in the past and really has me focus more and keep me on track.(It comes in app form too).Keeping a journal like this is great as it will hold you accountable to your goal,keep you inspired and motivated along with providing you with a sound checklist on what went right and wrong for you on the day so you can keep getting better.



3.Get creative

Take up a new hobby,challenge or sport,get creative.Learn how to slow down some days and switch off.15 minutes can really go a long way to your day.”You got to slow down to speed up” is a quote I use quite regulalrly with people I train on a daily basis.Start coloring,doing art,drawing,playing music, or even get creative in the kitchen cooking are things that really go a long way. Doing things that help the brain slow down, distress and unwind are ways I know that have helped people out in the past with their mind and body





Thanks for reading and hope this can help you or a friend out.

Online training plan

Online training plan

So I’ve finally decided to offer this training plan.

Since launching it last week I have 3 clients signed up and I am looking for a further 7 people to join up but let me tell you first whats involved and why I actually decided to offer this package.


I’ve gotten quite a lot of clients coming into me that are currently active members in commercial gyms such as Flyefit,Ben dunne etc but have found they are not getting the full benefit from their own membership.They have found themselves in a 12 month pre paid contract/membership and don’t really know what their doing in the gym and also not being held very accountable when it comes to their training sessions.At the moment I am really busy with current clients and don’t have the slots currently to be taking on new clients so I figured this package is suitable for everybody.

Whats Involved?

First of all I physically get the client in for a 30/40 min consultation with me and this is what I cover.

Mobility/flexibility assessment This is where I cover where the client needs work. Ive covered this assessment here with my article with the42 and you notice the mobility test being shown in video in this article  HERE

Body composition Standard body fat test which will highlight lots of things to myself and client and its an area I test/retest with all my clients 4-6 weeks again later.

-Nutrition support Throughout the initial assessment I get to know the client pretty well quite fast.I see many different clients week in week out so I’m pretty good at reading into individuals and listening to their lifestyle/nutrition/sleep patterns.Normally what I do here is ask the client for a basic food diary for 5 days and work around everything from this information.You need help with your Nutrition then go check out the information HERE that I wrote with theJournal 

Fitness assessment Lots of things covered here.I find out about their current gym session,what their gym set up is like,what they normally do in the gym and then progress them onto a few movements and see how they fare.This could be asking the client to perform a basic body weight squat or back squat to showing me a standard body weight plank to even how many chin up they already have.From all this information I receive I can then find out where client really needs work relative to their goal then I also know what I should really be sending them workout wise relative to what they showed me in the gym.

-Structured and personal workouts I will then send on roughly 16-20 sessions to them for the months subscription.This is sent via email once a week and here you will have your plan for the week ahead.I like to stay in contact with clients quite often to  keep them accountable and also just to hear they are doing OK with the program-holding them accountable

-End of month 1/1 PT session Client will come in and basically lots of things we covered in the initial assessment session we did at the start we will test/retest them all over again.Another body fat test will be done to see how we improved plus we will assess areas in the clients fitness where they wanted to work on.Has the mobility improved?Any gains in strength?Perhaps their lifestyle and sleep has improved?Most areas here are all looked at again and we rate overall how the month went.

Cost is 60 Euro per month or 650 Euro for the year.

If you feel that this program is something that you need then get in touch.I will be limiting this to a certain number of clients as their really only is a certain amount of work I can currently take on between all the clients I have at the moment training with me on a daily basis,to writing for the 42 and the Journal to doing my own training and so on.

You can contact me here on phone at 086-192704

or CLICK HERE for a instant email to me


About David Last Fitness

David is a south Dublin based personal trainer working from 2 locations Churchtown and Rathfarnham.

He was raised into a very active family with lots of sporting connections its no wonder he chose a career in health and fitness. His first sniff of professionalism in fitness was his 3 year scholarship program at UCD when he was 19. He spent 3 great years here studying sports management while playing for UCD in the league of Ireland and had the opportunity of representing Ireland at the world student games in Thailand 2007. All this valuable experience gained over this time has been brought into his current personal training business David Last Fitness.

He spent 6 good years from 2009 -2014 in the commercial scene with many of Dublin’s well know gyms such as Raw condition,Total Fitness and Swan Leisure. Over the course of these 6 years he learned a lot about the commercial gym scene and moved on to the next step.

In 2014 he found himself taking on a 3 month internship at a strength and conditioning/CrossFit facility in Florida.

piclab (3).png

He then returned home to set up his own training facility setting up a small home gym in Rathfarnham which naturally grew into a small business over time.Image-1 (1)

Within 6 months he expanded to a larger facility and now operates from De la salle sports centre Churchtown.


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